#3 : The UX and Design Language of 09


iOS 7 is vivid realization of the core OS User-eXperience.  Though, personally did not like all the UI elements like button, date picker, the whiteness on the tab bars  etc., I liked the type faces, vibrant colors and the fluid animations – the pace it starts with and how gently it stops and many more. Especially to mention – the hairline weight to the lines and minimal design approach where needed.

ExperienceHow the user experiences while using this app – for sure he will be challenged. The app tries to force him to not to quit the game – by calculating his moves attitude and deviation and hence setting a default score for the next game if at all [s]he wants to reset the game.  This would definitely irritates 🙂 the player. And attitude of the app is something like… you give me a solution in solving the puzzle or reset the game and get a penalty.

Fonts:  For this app I tried the below font faces. (Underlined is the one I decided on after prototyping)


  • 0xFB2B69 (Magenta (Close to))


  • 0xE00F04



  • These two colors come to the gradient (for app icon and launch image)



  • With the above said font on the above image would give my app icon.  The white color for the font – to give greater contrast from the background, and it helps to distinguish how the gradient is. That is all.


Animations: Did not add any exponential or accelerated movements in the objects but only linear.  The biggest NO I said to myself is when deciding to add animation or not-to to the tiles.  But I said NO to it as I expect the players take the game seriously. When needed or taking challenge from his colleague or friend or [her]himself, [s]he will have to tap the tiles really faster to achieve best time. 🙂 And the added animation would really slow him/her down. So a big NO to it.

Any thoughts or you have something to say?


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